Discover a new world in which every detail has been designed to welcome you to unique places where modernity and comfort combine in perfect harmony.

This layout concept states its original style in shades of mole grey, enhanced by metallic zinc finishing.

New, pure-line furniture of a modern design, the uniqueness of which is based, amongst other things, on central hair dressing units fitted with low mirrors. In the salon partitioning of space is all new. Your field of vision is limitless and the feeling of space is GUARANTEED !

In our ever more demanding search for comfort, the chairs at our washbasins, now self-adjustable, will allow you to choose the ideal position.

And for yet more transparency and originality you can now enter the highly confidential area of our technical laboratories, now visible behind the washbasins.

Finally, discover the new layout of our sales areas, where products are on show in beautiful array in units fitted with backlit panels.


At our Franck Provost salons, hygiene is a basic part of our concept.

That's why we undertake to comply with a strict Quality procedure.

To ensure maximum hygiene and safety every salon sterilizes all its styling tools after every use.

Brushes are then packed individually in cellophane wrap. 


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Our Mission

At Franck Provost, the hairdressers' mission is to enhance your natural beauty with the latest techniques, styles and trends from Paris.

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